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Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy?


Family therapy is a strength-based therapy that involves two or more persons identifying as a family.  Family therapy can help with socializing new members of the family (such as parenting children), stabilizing existing members of the family (such as noticing and addressing the onset of depression), and going through life transitions (such as illness, addiction, or divorce). Clinicians at Blue Door Psychotherapy will work with you to increase your family’s connection, teach you skills to communicate more effectively, and decrease behaviors that are destructive to you or other members of your family.



People recover more effectively in the context of a supportive system than they do alone. When difficulties are experienced by one individual within the family the other family members are likely to struggle alongside them. Stress-related illnesses of caregivers and family members of ill or addicted members can result in sleep difficulties, constant worry, or decreased patience, and often interfere in daily life. 

In family therapy the family members can heal together and grow toward connection rather than away from it. By maximizing the family's existing strengths, and redirecting the misguided energies, positive lasting change is more readily identified and crafted.


Each family will have different needs and goals when deciding to visit a family therapist. Your clinician will assist you in determining your family’s strengths, rules, and values that support your goals. Sometimes our work is communication focused if the primary complaint is that members of the family feel unheard or misunderstood. Other times, family members bump into each other, in which case we work on adjusting how the system operates so that it flows more effectively. Based on your family’s goals, we will either meet with all the family members together, or limit our work to selective parts of the family's system when that will be more helpful.  Families are viewed as collaborators on their own growth and goals and are active participants in treatment planning.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Families? 

Families are groups of individuals who often experience relatively few choices on membership yet share resources and experiences, while managing multiple demands, and rarely receive formal training for healthy functioning.  

Can families make their loved ones change? 

No, family members cannot make an individual change behaviors.  Families are systems with patterns of behavior, and all behavior is logical.  Family members can change their own behavior in ways that will shift the subsequent complementary behaviors in others. 

Challenging topics (such as: clarifying boundaries, having difficult conversations with family and loved ones, or creating change in your relationships) can be covered in webinars, family and couple therapy, and/or individual therapy.

If you would like more information on receiving any psycho-education regarding these, or other, topics please contact us:


For more information on our Family Wellness Program, click here

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