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Advanced Clinical Training

The training institute provides a learning experience for clinicians new to Arizona or who are looking to expand their clinical repetoire using a competency-focused practice that emphasizes a systemic lens. 

Based in solid research and theory, we look for candidates who are interested in working in a systemic, strength-based model.

adv clinical training bkgd pic.jpg

Blue Door Psychotherapy has opportunities for fully licensed clinicians to learn the art of family therapy.

Participants at Blue Door Psychotherapy are:

  • Professionals in related fields who want to learn more about systemic therapy

  • Marriage and family clinicians who want to improve specific aspects of their therapy

  • Clinicians new to Arizona, who are needing individual and/or group supervision hours for licensure 


For more information, contact Dr. Loyer and learn how Blue Door Psychotherapy can meet your current educational needs and goals.

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