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Keeping therapy affordable. . . 

Keeping therapy affordable is a priority for clinicians at Blue Door Psychotherapy.  We offer the lowest fees to work with clinicians who are in supervised practice.   Those clinicians are: 
Graduate Student interns:  Intern fees begin at $60 based on availability.

Licensed Associates: Minimum $100 per clinical hour, based on availability.


Other Blue Door Clinicians are fully licensed professionals and clinical supervisors: Each professional sets her/his own rates. The minimum fee for a fully licensed professional is $150 per clinical hour.  Call 520-388-9180 for availability and rates.


Call us at 520-388-9180, or contact us here!



Please be advised that Insurance is NOT ACCEPTED. You will be asked to pay for your session at the time of services. Upon request, you will be given a Superbill that you can use to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.  

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Cash, and most major credit cards and debit cards are accepted for payment. 



A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required.  Late cancellations and no-shows are billed at your full hourly fee.

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Request a therapy appointment online via our "contact us" section or by giving us a call at 520-388-9180.


Questions? Please contact us for further information. 


GoToMeeting platform is used for Teletherapy.  Teletherapy or in-office therapy is available, depending on your preferences and needs.

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