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Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Individual Therapy


Are you concerned about your behavior or a loved one's behavior? Many people experience powerful, persistent emotions such as depression, anxiety, illness, grief and/or anger. Sometimes the difficulty lies in behaviors that are worrisome: self harm, violence against others, addictions, and/or preoccupation with pleasing others. While embarrassment or shame can keep people from seeking help, be assured that whatever your problem is, someone else has had a very similar problem. You are not alone. Our work together is safe and confidential, and we can address any of your concerns. You may choose to bring typical relationship issues into individual sessions to better understand the challenges that you are experiencing: issues such as transition in marriage, divorce, parenting, illness, and addiction.

Blue Door Psychotherapy addresses both youth and adult issues. Personal issues often impact, and are impacted by family dynamics. Your therapist will create an individualized treatment plan and will help you decide what work is best done individually, and where the support of a family community is recommended.


Being part of a loving relationship can provide for you an environment that supports healthier and more productive living than typically occurs without the support of a close network of friends and family. To keep family networks healthy takes work. Sometimes, you can find all the help that you need in the number of very good self-help books available in bookstores and on-line. Other times, a class or support group can help guide you to overcoming obstacles to your happiness. When more help is needed, a marriage and family therapist can help you to assess your needs and relationships, provide the information that you need to understand how and why your family behaves as it does, and teach you any skills that you need to make your family life healthier.  Most often, family therapy involves two or more persons, is strength based, and addresses the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that sustain particular interactions: both healthy and unhealthy.

Family Therapy


Equine assisted therapy is a fun and effective experiential therapy designed to help clients manage such things as anxiety, trauma, or interpersonal issues and to help small groups bond and/or work more effectively together. Horses facilitate growth and healing because they create interpersonal dynamics which highlight strengths and triggers. With horses, you have the opportunity to learn about your social process and emotional safety. Equine assisted therapy is available as a part of on-going individual and family therapy program, or designed specifically to meet your small group or family needs. 

Team Building

Experience the power of Equine facilitated learning by participating in an Equine facilitated team building session. Involve 4 - 8 members of your group and work together to increase awareness of yourselves and others. Personal lives spill over into relationships: managing typical life stresses, traumas, or other challenges successfully in the workplace are made easier when teams are built with experiences created in equine assisted growth and learning.

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