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Family Style

When one person in a family struggles, everyone struggles. It can be a challenge to navigate effective relationships when there is mental illness, disability, or addiction present. This group offers education and skill building to learn how to skillfully recalibrate, so you can navigate the family recovery journey more effectively,

Save Your Spot

July 10th

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The Adventurer package

$275 for all 5 weeks live

$20 per additional guest (up to 8 guests)


The Visitor package

$60 for one live session

$15 per additional quest

(up to 8 guests)


We will soon have recorded versions of these webinars available. 

See package details below. Check back for availability soon!

The Wanderer package

$300 for all 5 weeks, both live and recorded

$20 per additional guest (up to 8 guests)

1 week recorded

$15 for one recorded session

5 weeks recorded

$50 for all 5 weeks recorded

The Caravan package

$500 for 10+ users to access all 5 live and recorded sessions.

Great for large families and/or organizations. 

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