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Collaborative Law Coaching


Collaborative Law is an innovative process used to resolve legal disputes. In the case of divorce, this means it is characterized by the use of cooperative rather than adversarial strategies, and excludes litigation as a means to resolution. In a Collaborative Divorce Law case, each party is represented by his or her own attorney, and works with collaborative divorce coaches who are committed to the principles of Collaborative Law. Dr. Loyer is a member of the Collaborative Law Group of Southern Arizona and serves in the roles of child specialist and/or client coach.


As a child specialist, Dr. Loyer aids the parties in understanding the needs of the children and how to best parent them during and after the divorce.


As a divorce coach, Dr. Loyer aids and supports the parties in moving through the emotional difficulties divorce can bring and assists in maintaining focus and effective communication.  


We do not go to court. You can read more about the Collaborative Law Group of Southern Arizona by going to their web page at  


For a variety of reasons, children may need to be parented by persons other than their original parents. Each transition in primary caregiver has the potential to create issues of attachment loss for the child. We can help you develop a personalized, developmentally appropriate transition plan for children and the adults who love them.

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