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We meet with people who are struggling personally or with loved ones and provide individualized solutions through education and/or therapy.


We offer a strength based approach to mental health, working with clients from early childhood through late aging.   Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, behavioral challenges, or general loss and grief, we will meet you where you are at and provide treatment that is uniquely suited to your needs.

Family Therapy

Couples and family therapy can help you assess your needs and relationships, understand your family’s ways of interacting, and teach you skills to make your family life more fulfilling. Family therapy is strength based and involves two or more persons identifying as a family.

Collaborative Law Coaching
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Collaborative Law is an innovative process characterized by the use of cooperative rather than adversarial strategies. In a Collaborative Divorce Law case, each party is represented by their own attorney and works with collaborative divorce coaches. Dr. Loyer is a member of the Collaborative Law Group of Southern Arizona and serves in the roles of child specialist and/or client coach.

DBT is a unique approach to mental health that we offer in 1:1 and group settings. By participating in DBT therapy you will be coached on how to change negative thinking patterns, develop positive behaviors, and increase positive relationships in your life. We provide full DBT support including DBT skills groups and phone coaching.


We prepare mental health professionals in a competency-focused practice that emphasizes a systemic lens.  Based in solid research and theory, we look for candidates who are a good fit for strength-based healing.


“We are grateful for your compassion, commitment to care, and ability to reach others so seamlessly. Thank you.”


“Tara is such a positive presence and guide for what I am dealing with. I feel very comfortable with her helping my family through a difficult situation. Thank you so much.”


“We appreciate the speed with which Dr. Loyer got back to us (over a weekend!) to offer an appointment. on Monday. And we value her experience, expertise & counsel. Thank you!”


“Tara always takes great care to provide thoughtful insight, encouragement and support.”


“Vicki is great and she really knows what she's doing.”


“Tara has been so easy to connect with and she is helping me move in the right directions. Our time together is time well spent.”


“I've been very satisfied with Tara since the start of my therapy. Tara is professional and very good at what she does. Blue Door should be very proud to have her as an associate. She is dedicated, punctual, professional and caring as a therapist. I feel lucky to have been matched with her.”


“Professional, caring and effective communication that really helps identify the problem and provides insight into how to deal with our individual responses to our situation.”

Conferences and Podcasts

With Blue Door Psychotherapy's primary focus being on bringing awareness to the importance of seeking help if you need it, Dr. Loyer and the team pride themselves on providing leading industry knowledge surrounding family and individual therapy as well as a number of other therapy modalities, through easily accessible mediums. On our Conference page, you will find recordings of talks Dr. Loyer has given at conferences and podcasts within the industry, in a format that allows for education in an easily digestible manner!

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